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Charlotte Angie

Italian porn star Charlotte Angie was murdered on January 20, 2022.

Charlotte Angie was born on December 23, 1995, in Sesto Calende, Varese, Italy. She was murdered on January 20, 2022. She was 26 years old at the time of her death. She was active on Twitter (@charlotteangie_) with 19.5k followers.

Charlotte Angie began working in adult during the COVID-19 lockdowns, as a content creator for OnlyFans. She was murdered on January 20, 2022. The story behind that murder however is rather shocking.

Charlotte Angie

When production started up again she started shooting professional porn and did about 36 scenes in total (according to her IAFD page). Most of the professional scenes she did were for Legal Porno.

Charlotte Angie was born on December 23, 1995, in Sesto Calende, Varese, Italy. She was murdered on January 20, 2022. She was 26 years old at the time of her death. She was active on Twitter (@charlotteangie_) with 19.5k followers.

Charlotte Angie was found on a cliff on March 20, 2022. The body was notified by a man who found the presence of our black envelopes odd. It turned out inside were the pieces of the corpse including her hand.

The indication of her body wasn’t easy, even fingerprint analysis did not render any results and there were no women reported missing in that area.

Charlotte Angie

There were however visible tattoos on the woman’s body and as a result authorities were able to trace the tattoos thanks in part to a fan who recognized the tattoos from her adult movies.

Among the tattoos still visible were the words “step by step” on her right ankle, “wanderlust” on her right collarbone, and “elegance is the…” down her back. She also had an inverted “V” on one inner thigh and two inverted “V’s” on the other, which were recognizable in many of her porn films.

It was soon clear that she had not posted on any of her social media since January, though no one had reported her missing. Her friends say they assumed she was off at some exotic location on a shoot.

Last week, police released her name to find out if anyone had information about her grisly demise.

Thanks to her fans, the tattoos helped authorities identify the dead woman as porn star Charlotte Angie.

A 43-year-old banker named Davide Fontana confessed to the murder and was charged with aggravated voluntary murder, destruction, and concealment of a corpse. The man is said to be her ex-boyfriend and neighbor.

Although he didn’t say why they were arguing he confessed that he hit her in the head during a fight. After killing her, he hid her body in the freezer in her own house. Then he tore it to pieces and threw it off of a cliff in the town of Borno, a town in the province of Brescia, Italy.

The prosecutor told reporters that the man came forward when her name was announced to the media, however, originally he said he knew her, but denied having anything to do with her disappearance.

Police said they soon found inconsistencies with his story and started tracking his movements over the last several months. A search of his home found an ample freezer, the same style garbage bags, and DNA evidence linking him to the murder, police say.

Archival video surveillance allegedly showed the two of them in her car in January. The vehicle had not been seen after that until March when it was clocked going through a toll booth in Borno in northern Italy, near where the bags with her body were found.

“This man, friend, and neighbor of the victim presented himself to the Carabinieri to provide information about the missing woman, offering circumstances that immediately proved to be contradicted by the investigators,” The prosecutor, Ghibaudo said.

When confronted with the evidence, prosecutors claim he confessed to killing her. Among the creepy details of his alleged confession were how he used her phone for the last three months to tell her mother that she had “left porn” and to send kinky messages to her boyfriend, who lives in Holland. After police published photos of her tattoos, several friends and fans wrote her to see if she was ok.

“Yes, they look like mine,” Fontana allegedly wrote, pretending to be Charlotte Angie. “But luckily I’m ok.” Fontana’s impersonation allegedly aroused no suspicion and he told police that no one called the phone number since January.

The man allegedly told police that he had “accidentally” killed her during a consensual tryst, and then, not knowing what to do, cut her up and put her in garbage bags in first her freezer and then later his. Many parts of the body are burned, including her face, and other body parts are missing, leading police to investigate whether he discarded, ate, or destroyed them in a ritual.


Charlotte Angie
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