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Kymberlee Anne

Former porn star Kymberlee Anne was accidentally shot to death during a deadly sex game gone wrong. Kymberlee Anne was only 24 years old when she died on May 26, 2019. Kymberlee Anne worked in porn from 2015-2017, during which time she shot less than 50 movies.


The shooting took place in Florida when she and her boyfriend of two weeks were using a 9 mm Taurus for “sexual gratification and arousal”.

According to the boyfriend, who is now being held for manslaughter, he was sitting on the edge of his bed with Kymberlee Anne between his legs. Her back was facing a TV set on a desk.

She first rubbed the weapon along his body. Then he did the same to her. When he held it to her chest, he pulled the trigger, and the gun went off. Kymberlee Anne fell, and Shinault (the boyfriend) yelled for his parents, who were downstairs. She died later in hospital.

The boyfriend said he had been rubbing her hand over the gun’s side, and she must have flipped the safety catch off. However, officers who examined the weapon found the safety button could not be easily manipulated by rubbing it.

Andrew Shinault (the boyfriend) said he did not mean to shoot his girlfriend.

He had snorted a small amount of methamphetamine about two hours earlier, according to court documents. He also told the cops that Kymberlee Anne had taken fentanyl.

Investigators retrieved a 9 mm projectile and bullet casing from the bedroom and found a hole in the TV set.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said: “Andrew Shinault shot a woman while engaging in an act of foreplay involving his registered handgun.

As emergency personnel tried to revive her, Shinault collapsed. He and his girlfriend were taken to Brandon Regional Hospital. She later died.

Detectives conducted a forensic examination of Shinault’s cell phone, which turned up text messages between the couple indicating their relationship was not volatile, the affidavit states. They also found pictures of Shinault holding the Taurus handgun.

Personal Info

Stage Name Kymberlee Anne
Profession(s) Actress
Birthday November 21, 1994
Death May 26, 2019
Birthplace Valrico, FL, USA
Weight 112 lbs (51 kg)
Height 5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm)
Tattoos Left foot
Piercings Left nostril

Andrew Shinault (the man who shot her) has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, taking the plea deal of two years in prison and 12 years on probation after release.

The woman’s aunt gave a moving statement on how the family was deprived of the young woman’s presence due to the actions of the accused.

In court he said “, I want to tell Paloma‘s family how sorry I really am. I love Paloma very much and I have and I continue to be devastated by this tragedy.”

On May 26, 2019, the couple, who had been dating for just two weeks, was at the Grand Canyon Drive home of the then 23-year-old man. The two were getting intimate and were performing foreplay on each other. Shinault claims that the woman had rubbed his 9 mm Taurus on his body before he did the same to her. Then he pointed the gun at the woman and pulled the trigger, shooting her in the chest.

Andrew Shinault alerted his parents who were downstairs before a 911 call was made.

He told the police that the gun had the safety on, but it could have been flipped off due to being rubbed on their bodies. However, investigators examined the gun, pointing out that the safety could not have been switched off by being rubbed.

Police found the weapon, a bullet casing, and a hole in the television set that was behind the victim. The suspect admitted to having taken a small amount of methamphetamine two hours prior to the incident.

Nearly two years after the incident, the case came to a conclusion As he’s already been in jail for two years, it appears his time has been served, and he’ll be released shortly. He now just faces the remaining 12 years of probation.

Shinault told cops after his arrest that he and Paloma were using a 9 mm Taurus for “sexual gratification and arousal” at his home in Valrico, Florida. He said he was sitting on the edge of his bed with Paloma between his legs. The brunette’s back was facing a TV set on a desk. Shinault said Paloma first rubbed the weapon along his body. Then he did the same to her.

Kymberlee Anne worked in the adult industry from 2015 until about 2017, during which time she did about 40 scenes, most of which were shot in Florida. She worked for your typical Flordia studios like BangBros, Team Skeet, Reality Kings, Naughty America, and Mofos.

Kymberlee Anne
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