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Olivia Lua

Porn star Olivia Lua was born September 19, 1994, and died on January 18, 2018. She started in the adult industry in 2016 and in that time starred in almost 100 scenes.

Olivia Lua struggled with mental illness almost her entire life. Sadly one of her “friends” pill shamed Olivia and told her she needed to get off all those pills her doctor gave her – telling her they were toxic.

Olivia, bless her heart did what her “friend” told her and it led her into a downward spiral that she would never recover from. A few months before her death she got back on her medication with the oversight of a new doctor. As anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety themselves knows that it’s not an easy process to get their medication adjusted properly so she checked herself into a hospital to help with that process. She knew she wasn’t doing well and knew that was the best way to get things worked out for her.

When she got out she was doing better but knew she wasn’t back to where she wanted to be. She wanted to get better. She had plans for her future.

After a tough previous 24 hours, as things with her roommate weren’t going well she called her doctor and he suggested she come back in for a short 10 day stay as they work to readjust her medication again.

Olivia took her prescribed medication that day, before checking herself back into the hospital that night. However, when she did they didn’t know that nor did they do a blood test (which they normally would have done) to determine what level of medication to administer to her. I think that was because it was late and they just assumed they could worry about all of that the next day.

That next day would never come. The hospital gave her a lethal dose of lithium of which killed her that night in her sleep.



Porn Star Olivia Lua died on January 18, 2018
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