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Trixie Kelly

This one is the most recent and the one that hurts me most. Trixie passed a few weeks ago at her home in Florida, autopsy results are pending but drugs are not suspected.

Personally I met Trixie shortly after she got into the biz and we became and stayed friends, she was someone I loved very much and I know the feeling was mutual, we even had plans for her to move in with me in December.

Of all the things I have ever written about this is by far the hardest, it is fair to say that she was the love of my life and she has told me many times that I am the love of hers…No matter what we simply always stayed in touch.  She was smart, funny and like everyone had her demons but she had been doing well, she put herself through school as a paralegal and was working for an attorney.

I love you Kelly, you are missed more than you know.

Personal Info

Stage Name Trixie Kelly
Profession(s) Actress
Birthday February 12, 1984
Death August 27, 2017
Birthplace Miami, FL, USA
Height 5 feet, 8 inches (173 cm)
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