Veronica Moser

Ashley Moser, remains in critical condition at Aurora Medical Center. The 25-year-old was shot in the neck, and doctors have been unable to remove the bullet. She also suffered a gunshot wound in the abdomen.

Moser passes in and out of consciousness, asking about her daughter, Dalton said, and does not yet know that Veronica died.

Moser, who was recently accepted to medical school, might recover with some use of her hands.

“They expect her to have some paralysis but don’t know how extensive it will be,” Dalton said.

Veronica was a comfort to her grandfather, who died two months ago after suffering from a terminal illness over the previous year.

“We were just rebuilding our family,” Dalton said.

Personal Info

Stage Name Veronica Moser
Profession(s) Actress
Death in Berlin, Germany  (cerebral hemorrhage)
Birthplace Austria
Years Active 1982-2008
Tattoos Right arm sleeve; left arm sleeve; red lips covering entire vagina; red lips covering left nipple; red lips covering right nipple (no tattoos in early movies)
Piercings Left nipple; right nipple (no piercings in early movies)

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