Violet Rain

Violet Rain was born on July 02, 1999 and died on March 15, 2019. She entered the adult industry in 2018, and starred in more than 40 scenes during that time.

On Sunday night, March 3, 2019, she went to a club in North Hollywood. Although under-age she was rented a fake ID from a club promoter so that she could get in. It is rumored this same club promoter sold her the FentanylLaced Cocaine which caused her to OD and eventually die.

After she OD’d, two or possibly three people dropped her unconscious body off at Boyle Heights hospital. She fell into a coma and a few days later her family made the hard decision to remove the breathing apparatus to see if she could make it on her own, she couldn’t. At that point, she was already brain dead and shortly after the decision to remove the rest of the life support system to donate her organs as the doctors told her that there was no chance for her recovery.


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